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Khai giảng Khóa Current Issues in Business Tháng 08/2022

1Tue, 16th Aug 202218:15 – 21:15Capital Budgeting and Capital Structure:
• Capital budgeting.
• Principles of capital structure.
• Funds raising.
Mr. Nam Vu
2Thu, 18th Aug 202218:15 – 21:15Vietnam Financial Market Structure and How it affects Fundraising Process:

• Bank-based vs. Market-based Economies around the world.
• Industry practice vs. Regulation.
• Legal framework of fundraising activities in Vietnam.
• Overview of processes and obstacles.
• Alternative funds raising
Mr. Nam Vu
3Tue, 30th Aug 202218:15 – 21:15Principles of Investments:
• Cost of Capital: Theories and Current Issues.
• Principles and methods for investing.
Mr. Nam Vu
4Thu, 1st Sep 202218:15 – 21:15Financial Investment for Non-Financial Companies:
• Why different firms entered Vietnam equity market in the 2020-2021 period?
• Future development or obstacles.
Mr. Nam Vu
5Sat, 10th Sep 20229:00 – 12:00Portfolio construction and factor investing:
This lecture is about how the proverb “do not put all your eggs in one basket” is formulated and solved mathematically. The portfolio construction or asset allocation is the arguably the most important part of setting up investment strategies. Not long after Markowitz and his Nobel prize, an army of quants have tried to test and search for a formula to construct portfolios that best capture hidden equity premia - this has been known as the infamous factor investing or systematic investing or smart beta that we are seeing everywhere nowaday.
As fancy as they might sound, these mathematical techniques always have drawbacks that could hardly be solved in practice. The art of beating the market remains a mystery.
Mr. Minh Le
6Sat, 10th Sep 202213:30 – 16:30Risk management and derivatives securities:
Post-2008, the world has seen an uprising demand for a new generation of risk managers in banks and financial institutions in general. The need to understand and hedge away risk has grown significantly in conjunction with the hedging instruments themselves - derivatives. Being conscious that risk management is a vast field, this lecture will focus on market risk and provide an introduction to some common derivative securities that are used to manage those risk. While derivative pricing is highly complex, this session only aims to provide a guidance on how to solve these problems so that students can see what it would take to enter the financial engineering world.
Mr. Minh Le
7Sat, 17th Sep 20229:00 – 12:00Quantitative Methods for Business:
There will be business cases from previous few days in any of our cluster topic areas. We will use those cases to show you how we discuss real-life cases in class, with you 'reading between the lines' and learning to understand what happened and why, and how managers and leaders could have acted differently.
Business Planning and Risk Assessment:
This is part of Strategy topic theme. We will discuss the role to make strategic decisions swiftly, but to also base any decision on facts, rather than guessing. Since no one can accurately predict the future, many managers decide NOT to make decisions, until the future has become clear. That approach nearly always guarantees failure of a firm. Once facts have been gathered and risks and opportunities qualified and quantified, managers MUST make a decision.
Mr. Tai Tran
8Sat, 17th Sep 202213:30 – 16:30Exchange Rate and Interest Rate:
This is part of Globalization topic theme. We will discuss global trade, how they are applied in different regions/sectors and why unbalanced trade (a huge surplus or a huge deficit) leads to political discussions about free trade and economic distortions.
We will discuss the effect of exchange rate and interest rate on global trade, and how to mitigate the issues.

Investment Processes:
Valuation of investment opportunities.
Deal-making processes.
Mr. Tai Tran
9Sat, 24th Sep 20229:00 – 12:00Ethics and Investment Advisory:
The lecture will bring principals of Ethics’ code in business and investment, particularly investment and financial advisory. Ethics always place the good of your profession and your clients first. Practice in an ethical way that earns you an honest reputation and encourage others to do so. Promote the integrity of the market.
Dr. Khang Tran
10Sat, 24th Sep 202213:30 – 16:30Corporate Finance Concerns:
The lecture will give a comprehensive picture of three main areas of concern in corporate finance, in terms of Capital Raising, Working Capital and Capital Budget. The learners will discuss and share experience as well as knowledge regarding the important roles of three elements above.
Dr. Khang Tran
11Sat, 1st Oct 20229:00 – 12:00Discuss Problems in Financial Reports:
The course will discuss stories behind the price board and stock price moving in order to discover deeply in financial reports, known as the backbone of business, to know current issues in businesses.
Dr. Khang Tran
12Sat, 1st Oct 202213:30 – 16:30Course Summary:
We will bring this course to a close by reflecting on the challenges for business leaders, to create an environment where decisions are driven by strategy (not operations), incorporating proper governance structures (to assure robustness of decision-making), understanding that long-term competitiveness in global markets is essential for the continued viability of a firm (rather than a myopic nationalistic view on trading), and that failures are a cost of doing business (and thus are normal events which need management).
Dr. Khang Tran

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