Data Scientist - Seedcom Group

Pedagogical Experience

Khuong has been a professional trainer at Business Analyst Training Center (BAC) where he hosts multiple sessions on data analytics with SQL, Python as well as Machine Learning and Data Visualization. His trainees vary from undergraduate students, tech/non-tech professionals to business managers. In BAC, Khuong has consistently achieved more than 90% satisfaction, and been perceived as a passionate and sophisticated trainer.

Industry Experience:

Khuong is working as a Data Scientist at Seedcom Group, where he applies his expertise in data analytics to support several key business decisions. At Seedcom, he successfully helps selecting new stores better by building an AI model predicting future revenue at 90% average accuracy. Khuong also collaborates with his team to build an NLP model that automatically classifies a food/drink to its right category, hence reducing human work.


  • Bachelor in Economics and Finance, RMIT University
  • CFA Level 1



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